Lise Johansson, Identity and Place

The photography of Lise Johansson

The starting point for Johansson’s artistic practice is to create a sense of a distorted reality, where the inspiration for this comes from the borderland that exists between the conscious and the unconscious. ‘The unseen’ takes place in the familiar, and locates itself in the field that blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

There is a strong personal character to her works: a sense of abandonment and the curiosity towards the unknown. In her work themes of identity and belonging always come up. The images often take departure from physical miniatures of landscapes and architectural spaces, combined with textures and objects photographed to use as building blocks in the editing process. The final images retain an uncanny balance between the natural and the constructed, playing with scale and perspective to make the viewer question what they see: to which extent are these images real and what reality do they represent?

Lise Johansoon
Lise Johansoon

She is interested in people’s shared or individual feeling for the spaces they inhabit. Place and identity are bound together and people identify with the place they live in.
Instead of evoking a sense of home, she experiments infine variations to this concept.

Lise Johansoon
Lise Johansoon


Lise Johansson is a vissual artist and photographer based in Copenhagen.
Johansson studied photography from 2012-2016 at Media College Viborg and attended Vera – School of Art and Design, Copenhagen.
Her work has been exhibited in i.a. London, Paris, Copenhagen and New York. In 2017, she received awards at the acclaimed Sony World Photography Awards, and last year was named ‘Photographer of the Year 2020’ at the International Color Awards.


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