Henri Prestes, Night Visions

The photography of Henri Prestes

Henri Prestes is a Portuguese photographer and filmmaker, born in 1989, based in London, specializing in analogue images of suggestive and cinematic landscapes.
Prestes’ photographs, taken with commendable technical skills and a unique style, are made at night and set in desolate villages and woods with a misty atmosphere, where mysterious characters peep out like ghostly presences, highlighting the ecstatic and profound solitude of these spaces. lonely, immersed in darkness.

henri prestes
henri prestes

In front of these works there are those who feel shaken, disturbed and those who are fascinated or finally understood. It is not the photographs that are aggressive or fascinating: it is us, it is the sensations with which we decide to fill the atmospheres evoked by Henri Prestes.
Suspended in the mystery of the landscapes represented, we wander, as do the characters who inhabit these photographs. In the Perfect Darkness collection, in particular, the sense of suspension is accentuated by the aquamarine palette, letting introspection take over.

However, our gaze is rarely left to itself. Often, we are accompanied by a human presence – even if at times it appears alien -, or by a light, perhaps faint, perhaps distant, but existing. This company can be an additional anxiety-inducing element as well as heartening and, once again, it depends on us and on our unconscious.

henri prestes
henri prestes
henri prestes


Henri Prestes is a portuguese fine art photographer based in Southern Europe.
Exhibitions & Awards
2021 Gold Cube winner in the ADC 100th Awards in Fine Art Photography NY /US
2021 Platinum Award winner in the 2021 Muse Photography Awards (Fine Art category)
2020 Bronze Cube winner in the ADC 99th Awards in Fine Art Photography NY /US
2018 Narrative Photography Exhibition, at Downtown Arts Collective Gallery – Orlando, FL /US
2018 Solo Exhibition ‘Perfect Darkness’ at The Printspace gallery – London /UK
2017 Lenz International Photography Festival – Manchester /UK

IG: henrifilm


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