Gold Token (Short Film)

Gold Token (Short Film)

“Gold Token” is an experimental musical poem that explores Black ancestry, culture and cyclical growing pains. This poem combines music, spoken word, archivial footage.
The images are steeped in meaning and take us back through the years, as the film stages an environment of the past coupled with touching archive footage. The direction is however very contemporary, the style clearly inspired by the video clips. For this we can say that a connection is created between past and present, made of wonder and suggestive images.
The protagonists relive the sufferings and take on this important historical legacy. There is a connection with the ghosts of the past, and the pains of the past are relieved by the creative approach, by the artistic experience.


Director: Ewurakua Dawson- Amoah
Producer: Adrian Sobrado
1st AD : Farah Jabir
DP: Gabriel Connelly
1st AC: Gianfranco Bello
Steadicam: Sam Stefan
Gaffer: Dmitry Lesnevskiy
Key Grip: Declan Saint-Onge
Choreographer: Morgan Burns and Keon Hughes
Production Designer: Sophis Uehara
PD Assistant: Maria Garland
Hair and Makeup Artist: Camila Olses
Casting by: The Melacast Network
Editor: Kamila Daurenova
Sound Design: Evan Joseph
Color: Kath Raisch
Music: Adeleke Ode and Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah
Singers: Haiku, Yeimy Castillo, Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

Gabrielle Barlatier
Blossom Ogunyinka
Tiana Walsh
Iman Young
Amanda Dawson-Annan
Marhadoo Effeh
Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah
Keon Hughes

Casting by The Melacast Network

Special Thanks to
James Dawson-Amoah, and Baptist Camp Lebanon

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