Chimera (Fashion Film)

Chimera by Federico Mazzarisi and Sofia Rivolta

“The story of a myth, a rite. A return to our primitive state. The search for a new awareness, to connect with nature again.”

This incredible short makes us reflect on the purity of beauty and the origins of man, halfway between the beautiful and the incomprehensible. Moving from myth, to the unconscious, to mysterious cinematography, Chimera is an exciting fashion film, without excess, pure, naive, to leave you speechless.
Made by Federico Mazzarisi and Sofia Rivolta for Vogue.

We invite you to see the full film on the link below!


Written, Directed and Produced by Federico Mazzarisi and Sofia Rivolta
In collaboration with Groenlandia Films

Original poem: Dino Campana
Dancer and Choreography: Claudia Caldarone
Director of Photography: Cristiano Di Nicola
Styling: Davide Pizzotti
Dress: Momoni
Steadycam Operator: Marco Artusi
Focus Puller: Tommaso Matteocci
1st AC: Matteo Canzano
2nd AC: Raffaele Silvestri
16mm Film Camera Operator: Luigi Giardino
MUA: Sara Golia from MakeUpArtProTeam by Silvia Persica
Editing: Marcello Saurino
Color Grading: Valerio Liberatore
Post-Production Support: Leonardo Godano, Maria Clara Taglienti
Original Music and Sound Design: Daniele De Virgilio
Voice Talent: Valter Zanardi


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